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Amethyst of the Heart

$ 7,896.00 USD

The Amethyst of the Heart Alchemy Singing Bowl Set, a transformative ensemble of four exceptional bowls: Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Grandfather, and Mother of Platinum. Each bowl within this collection possesses a unique blend of alchemical energies, expertly crafted to guide you on a profound journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

(7) E-30 Rose Quartz, platinum, White Light Angel Gold (Inside) Tall Bowl

The Rose Quartz Bowl in the Amethyst Heart Alchemy Singing Bowl Set combines Rose Quartz Alchemy and Platinum Alchemy for harmony and transformation. Rose Quartz Alchemy aids emotional healing, inner harmony, and love. Platinum Alchemy offers balance, elegance, and stress relief. This set harmonizes astral and physical realms, ideal for sacred union celebrations.

(6) A-30 Amethyst, platinum, Platinum (Inside) Bowl

The Amethyst Bowl combines Amethyst Alchemy's spiritual and transformative power with Platinum Alchemy's soothing influence. Amethyst Alchemy fosters spiritual growth, intuition, inner strength, connecting to divine wisdom, promoting clarity, balance, calmness, addressing addiction, stress, insomnia. Platinum Alchemy embodies divine feminine, offers balance, harmony, stress relief. Ideal for sacred union celebrations, harmonizing astral and physical energies, providing calming, grounding resonance.

(9) A-30 Grandfather, platinum (inside) Tall Bowl

The Grandfather Alchemy embodies wisdom, diplomacy, and values, offering detoxification, emotional healing, and a grounding connection to Earth's elemental kingdom. It encourages grace and inner knowing, fostering a compassionate balance of heart and mind. Platinum Alchemy represents the divine feminine and brings cooling, balance, and relief from stress and anxiety. This set is a super harmonizer, unifying astral and physical realms, making it a perfect addition to sacred union celebrations, offering a calming and grounding resonance for attunement.

(8) C#-25 Mother Of Platinum Tall Bowl

The Mother of Platinum Alchemy blends Amethyst Alchemy with Mother of Platinum for hormone balance, emotional harmony, and stress relief. It embodies Venus, the goddess of love, aiding emotional healing, self-love, and angelic connections. Ideal for meditation, unity, and compassion.

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