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Emerald Intuition

$ 8,745.00 USD

The Emerald Intuition Alchemy Singing Bowl Set, a magnificent collection comprising five distinct bowls: Palladium, Laughing Buddha, Emerald, Dead Seasalt, and Indigo Platinum. These bowls are your companions on the path to inner transformation and enlightenment.

(8) B0 Palladium Tall Bowl

The Palladium Alchemy Singing Bowl in the Emerald Intuition set is a powerful tool for inner child work and higher communication. Named after Pallas Athena, it embodies guardianship at its peak. It's a constant friend, empowering the path to higher consciousness while grounding you. It aids in maintaining presence and encourages courage and empowerment in external activities.

(6) G+20 Laughing Buddha Bowl

The Laughing Buddha Alchemy Bowl from The Empowered Prosperity Alchemy Set embodies laughter, joy, playfulness, strength, protection, leadership, assertiveness, resilience, fertility, empowerment, agility, power, and courage. This bowl promotes relaxation, creative ideas, prosperity, peace, and wisdom, radiating love, compassion, and joviality of Eastern teachings. It encourages self-love, joy, and laughter, creating an empowered atmosphere.

(6) B+15 Emerald, Platinum (Inside) Bowl

The Emerald Platinum Bowl, a Divinity & Healing Heart Alchemy Singing Bowl Set, offers a transformative experience. Emerald Alchemy detoxifies, boosts immunity, and fosters courage. Platinum Alchemy embodies divine femininity and intuition, relieving stress. Pastel Rainbow Elegance Alchemy in Platinum Bowl unifies astral and physical realms, balancing emotions. Perfect for meditation and healing practices.

(10) G- 30 Dead Seasalt, Platinum, Green Goddess (Base)

The Dead Seasalt from Emerald Intution Bowl Set includes the Green Goddess Alchemy and Platinum Alchemy, offering transformative energies. Green Goddess Alchemy embodies Mother Nature's soothing qualities, promoting growth, regeneration, and alignment with cosmic rhythms. Platinum Alchemy represents divine femininity and elegance, supporting hormonal balance, dexterity, and emotional harmony. This set harmonizes and relieves stress, unifying astral and physical realms, ideal for sacred union celebrations.

(7) D +5 Indigo Platinum, Tall

The Indigo Platinum, an exquisite blend in the Emerald Intuition Bowl Set, marries the powers of deep introspection and refined balance. This fusion represents the introspective qualities of the indigo spectrum, promoting wisdom, intuition, and inner vision. Paired with the Platinum Alchemy, it harmonizes body and spirit, supporting equilibrium, grace, and emotional serenity. Indigo Platinum is a remarkable set, ideal for enhancing inner clarity and celebrating profound moments of self-discovery.

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