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Golden Guardians

$ 7,581.00 USD

The Golden Guardians Alchemy Singing Bowl Set, a collection of four unique bowls: Lemon Angle Gold, Grandmother Supreme, Palladium, and Golden Guardian. These bowls form a harmonious ensemble, guiding you on a transformative journey towards empowerment and inner well-being.

(9) C+45 Lemon Angel Gold Bowl

The Lemon Angle Gold, an alchemy known for its vibrant lemon hue and energizing qualities, harmonizes with alchemical companions, creating a radiant core. It infuses an expansive, protective, optimistic aura, activating personal power and nurturing joy. Its high-frequency resonance detoxifies negativity, dispelling depression, fostering positivity, and bestowing a loving presence as you embrace newfound optimism and inner strength.

(12) F +45 Grandmother Supreme Bowl

The Grandmother Supreme Alchemy in a bowl offers assertiveness, focus, and security, relieving stress and nurturing patience. It fosters confidence, inner peace, spiritual growth, and protection, aiding destiny manifestation and accountability. It connects to ancestral wisdom, guiding spiritual ascension, enabling our highest selves. A powerful tool for inner potential and spiritual journey.

(7) F+30 Palladium Tall Bowl

The Palladium Alchemy in an opaque bowl brings inner child energy, higher communication, and playfulness. It offers companionship, support, and well-being enhancement. Named after Roman Goddess Pallas Athena, Palladium embodies guardianship and exploration of higher consciousness. An excellent travel companion for courageous actions and inner growth.

(9) A+35 Great Salt Lake Salt, Aqua Aura Gold Frosted Inside Bowl

The Golden Guardian Alchemy Set blends Aqua Aura Gold with the Great Salt Lake Alchemy to offer profound support during times of emotional turmoil. Aqua Aura Gold promotes mental clarity and self-assuredness. Paired with the Great Salt Lake Alchemy, it eases grief, fostering calmness and inner peace, transforming emotional challenges into personal growth.

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