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Empowered prosperity

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The Empowered Prosperity Alchemy Singing Bowl Set comprises three distinct bowls: Green Heart Ocean Gold, Great Salt Palladium, and Great Saltk Platinum. These bowls epitomize empowerment, prosperity, and spiritual transformation on your enriching journey.

(9) B-15 Green Heart Ocean Gold Bowl

The Green Heart Ocean Gold Alchemy Singing Bowl in the Empowered Prosperity set is a profound instrument for spiritual connection and complete understanding. Crafted from gold using a unique process that imparts its beautiful green color, this bowl is a master healer, embodying wisdom and clarity. It fosters a sense of oneness, confidence, and cooperation, amplifying your ability to connect with others and stabilize your energies. Like a healing stream of golden green energy, it allows you to open your heart fully to love and radiate vibrant health, nurturing kindness and compassion in your journey through life.

(6) G# +5 Great Salt Lake Salt, Palladium

The Great Salt Palladium Alchemy Bowl is an opaque bowl embodying inner child qualities, higher-dimensional communication, and playfulness. Palladium alchemy brings companionship, support, well-being, encouragement, and friendship. Named after Pallas Athena and the Pallas asteroid, Palladium, a silvery-white metal, holds guardian energy, empowering higher consciousness and courage. Ideal travel companion.

(7) D -10 Great Salt Lake Salt, Platinum

The Great Saltk Platinum is a bowl embodying divine feminine, harmonizer qualities, elegance. This alchemical masterpiece cools, balances hormones, relieves anxiety, enhances intuition. Offers stress relief, alleviates depression, fosters emotional well-being. A sonic rainbow bath, harmonizer, and balancer for attunement. Perfect for sacred union celebrations.

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