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Guardians of Prosperity

$ 3,797.00 USD

The Guardians of Prosperity Alchemy Singing Bowl Set features three remarkable bowls: Laughing Buddha Supreme, Grandfather, and Great Slat Lake. These bowls embody strength, wisdom, and elegance, nurturing your journey to prosperity and well-being.

(6) A#+35 Laughing Buddha Supreme Bowl

The Laughing Buddha Supreme Alchemy Singing Bowl in the Guardians of Prosperity set exudes strength, protection, and playfulness. It embodies qualities such as leadership, assertiveness, and resilience, empowering you to face life's challenges with courage and composure. Paired with the calming Aqua Aura Gold alchemy, this bowl helps clear negativity, fosters inner peace, and nurtures an optimistic mindset, making it an ideal companion on your journey to prosperity.

(7) G+30 Grandfather, ocean indium (inside base)

The Grandfather Alchemy Bowl merges wisdom, diplomacy, and values, facilitating detoxification, emotional healing, and anxiety relief. Grandfather Alchemy deeply connects us to Earth's elemental wisdom, fostering inner knowing and ancestral ties. Complementing this, the Ocean Indium Alchemy Bowl promotes longevity, mineral absorption, and enhanced chi flow, supporting digestion and creativity with its gentle magenta frequency. A powerful addition to holistic healing practices, this set invites a harmonious blend of grounding and vitality.

(8) D#+35 Great Salt Lake Salt, Platinum Bowl

The Great Slat Lake bowl is a bowl that embodies divine feminine energy, harmonizing qualities, and elegance. This alchemical masterpiece fosters cooling, hormone and chemical balance, dexterity, anxiety relief, and emotional well-being. It offers stress relief, alleviates depression, enhances intuition, and brings harmony and unity. The Platinum Alchemy Bowl is a sonic opalescent rainbow bath, a super harmonizer and balancer that calms, steadies, and grounds, making it the perfect addition to sacred union celebrations.

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